Site Fees

BEST Deals and Values Marketplace:

Sophisticated and easy to use E-Commerce platform for Buyers and Sellers.

Buyer Benefits:

* Verified E-Commerce Sellers

* Highly competitive prices on quality products

* Sellers on this platform have proven honest and trustworthy (or they won't stay with us)

Seller Benefits:

* Verified Buyers

* A turn key E-Commerce Platform – just upload your listings

* E-Commerce marketplace without headaches or technical hurdles

* Low entry cost - high capabilities

* Cooperative of like minded businesses

* The BEST value of all E-Commerce marketplaces

* 50% of all site revenues are reinvested into site maintenance and marketing for the marketplace (Check to see if other marketplaces offer this.) 

Verification Fee: All new accounts require verification.  The fee for user verification is currently $0.30 (Thirty Cents). Verified accounts make our marketplace a safer place for Buyers and Sellers. We don't profit from account verification. All new buyer and seller accounts are required to be verified before using the account.  Account verification is performed via Paypal.  It's a small price to pay for a safer marketplace!

User Fees

User Signup Fee